Project Staff:

Earl J. Heinrich
(Adler Graduate School Library)

Meghan Simmons
(AGS Student)

Beth Cook
(AGS Student)

Julie Dorn
(University of Minnesota Libraries)

Josepina Mwoleka
(AGS International Student)

Makoto Kajino
(AGS International Student)

Special Thanks To:

Adler School of Professional Psychology

Wes Wingett

for providing us with materials to scan

The Adlerian Digitization Project was created in 2006 thanks to a grant from the NASAP Clonick Publications Fund. Its initial goal is to make available full-text digital copies of early issues of the Journal of Individual Psychology and The Individual Psychologist (both NASAP publications) and include other materials where possible. The items by Bill Pew are included as his widow, Mim Pew, has already given Adler Graduate School permission to reproduce and post them on our website for our students and others.

Journal of Individual Psychology (under various titles) is indexed in the online database PsycInfo from the American Psychological Association beginning with v. 10 1952.  PsycInfo also indexes Individual Psychologist and several other Adlerian publications, such as International Journal of Individual Psychology (1935-37) and Zeitschrift fur Individualpsychologie.  It does not index Adlerian Yearbook (UK) and Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology.  For those who do not have access to PsycInfo we are making available a searchable .pdf of our Adlerian Article Database spreadsheet that was used at AGS before we began a subscription to PsycInfo.  It includes listings for virtually all the older issues of Journal of Individual Psychology and Individual Psychologist (we quit updating it in 2006) and many other journal and book resources.  You will likely need to increase the display size of the .pdf file as it is in 5 pt. font in order to fit the entire width of the spreadsheet on one page of the .pdf.  You can use the search box in Adobe reader to find text in the document. Also, here is a link to Mosak's Bibliography for Adlerian Psychology, which is now available online.

The Adlerian Digitization Project is pleased to make available the following materials:

Articles from issues of Journal of Individual Psychology (under various titles) vol. 1 (1940) thru vol. 29 (1973)
(articles from vol. 30 (1974) onwards are available full-text through EBSCO Academic Search Premier)

Articles from issues of Individual Psychologist vol. 1 (1963) thru vol. 15 (1978)

Books by Alfred Adler Available full-text through Google Books:

The Neurotic Constitution: Outlines of a Comparative Individualistic Psychology and Psychotherapy
by Alfred Adler - 1917 - 456 pages
Full view - Table of Contents - About this book

Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation: A Contribution to Clinical Medicine
by Alfred Adler - 1917 - 86 pages
Full view - Table of Contents - About this book

Praxis und Theorie der Individual-psychologie: Vorträge zur Einführung in die Psychotherapie...
by Alfred Adler - 1920 - 244 pages
Full view - Table of Contents - About this book

Über den nervösen Charakter: Grundzüge einer vergleichenden Individual-psychologie und...
by Alfred Adler - 1922 - 210 pages
Full view - Table of Contents - About this book